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What are these kerchiefs made of?

Our kerchiefs are 100% cotton. The cotton we use is a lighter weight than your run of the mill bandana, which gives it a soft hand straight out of the box, while maintaining a crisp look. Our kerchiefs are also triple washed before you get them, so they will not shrink, and this adds to their unbelievable softness. 

The ink we use is water-based, and it sits in the fibers of the kerchief, unlike a common plastisol ink, which sits on top of the fibers and will crack and crinkle with time and washing.

Each of our colors is custom dyed by our co-founder, Kyle. 

Is a kerchief the same as a bandana?

Yes! Kerchiefs and bandanas are just two different terms for a square piece of fabric usually worn around the neck. We think “kerchief” evokes the feeling of cowboys and long days on horseback, which we like. 

How big are they?

Our kerchiefs are 20” by 20”. We have found this to be the perfect size, big enough to wear multiple ways, while avoiding a bulky “too much fabric” feeling. 

How should I wash my kerchief?

Wash your kerchief in cold water, tumble dry low. Use a hot iron to keep it looking sharp!

How should I wear my kerchief?

There are many ways to wear and use a kerchief, our style video is coming soon! 

Some of our favorites are 
Cowboy style: traditional, tied in a triangle snug against the neck. 
Late Night Cowboy: casual, tied in a loose triangle around the neck.
Knotted: Roll up your kerchief and tie it around your neck, with the knot facing out. 
With a Bandana Gem: check out our selection of wooden kerchief slides. 

What is your shipping policy?

We want you to get your kerchief as fast as possible! We ship within 2 business days and use USPS (or in special circumstances UPS).

Do you ship internationally?

At this time we do not ship internationally. 

Who makes the designs, and how?

Our resident artist and co-founder is Isabel Hamilton. All of the designs are her original pen and ink drawings, transferred via screen print to the kerchiefs. Each design takes a few months to complete, including research, initial sketches, the design drawn on paper to scale (19” x 19”), and then edited for printing in Photoshop. 

Do you do custom designs? How about collaborations?

We do not have the bandwidth to take on custom designs at this time. We are open to brand collaborations, and have the space for 1-2/year. Please email to inquire!

How about wholesale?

You betcha! Please email for wholesale inquiries.