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West Of Kerchief Co. was founded by Isabel Hamilton and Kyle Kienitz to explore our love for the outdoors, adventure, art, and producing heirloom quality goods. We set out to build a sustainable brand that allows us to be creative and lead adventurous lives. We hope these kerchiefs bring you joy and stay with you for a very long time. 

In the early days, we decided to set a high bar for our products in terms of quality. While cheaper bandana “blanks” are readily available, we found the only way to achieve the quality we sought was to source our own fabric, and then dye, cut, and sew the bandanas ourselves before sending them to the screen printer. It takes a little extra time, but we’re dedicated to producing the best quality bandana possible.

Isabel Hamilton and Kyle Kienitz

Isabel Hamilton is a multidisciplinary artist working with the mediums of pen and ink, fiber, linocut, and leather. Each kerchief is an exploration of functional art inspired by the natural history and powerful landscapes of the western USA.

Isabel also makes hand-stitched leather bags with her brand Larch Camp. Originally from Vermont, she moved to Montana in 2015 drawn by the landscape and the chance to explore the American West. 

Isabel Hamilton